How to get to Belgrade & How to find IAESTE Local Committee Belgrade office?

If you are arriving by plane...

You will land at the Belgrade International Airport Nikola Tesla (BEG). Change at least 25$ (20 EUR) at the exchange office at the airport. Approximate exchange rate: 1$ = 106 dinars; 1 EUR = 122 dinars. There are JAT Airlines buses that leave from the airport to the city terminal at
Slavija Square (last stop). Approximate price of the ride is 300 dinars (RSD). If you informed us in advance about your arrival people from IAESTE LC Belgrade will be waiting for you. If not than from Slavija Square you can take a tram #2 and get off at the first stop in front of the hotel "Metropol". Afterwards you can walk to the IAESTE office which is located in the building of the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy (TMF). STUDY THE PICTURE CAREFULLY!

If you are arriving by train or bus...

Belgrade main railway and bus station are next to each other and right beneath the Slavija Square. Directly in front of the railway station take a tram #2 or #7 and get off at the 2nd stop (for tram #2), or 3rd stop (for tram #7) in front of the hotel "Metropol". Afterwards, you can walk to the IAESTE office located in the building of the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy (TMF). STUDY THE PICTURE CAREFULLY!

If you have problems finding us...

If you arrive to Belgrade and feel lost and have no clue how to find our office, do the following... Buy a SIM card. SIM card costs from 200 to 300 dinars, depending on the mobile network operator. You can buy it at street-newspaper stands or any airport store. Once you buy your SIM card insert it into your mobile phone and call our office. Hopefully your problems will be resolved.

Things you should know...

Every month you will receive about 4000 dinars of pocket money. Cost of your accommodation at student hall (dormitory) and meals at student restaurants (canteen) during your training period will be covered. If you want to stay or eat somewhere else, it is no problem, but in that case you will have to pay those by yourself. Also you will receive public transportation pass for each months of your stay.
Cost of your staying outside training period needs to be covered by yourself.

You should bring some money to cover your expenses until you receive first stipend. About 200 to 300 EUR (300 to 400 $) will be enough. You can bring cash or credit cards. Depending on your living habits or if you want to travel around you should consider having more funds available.

If you plan to bring electrical equipment, ensure that it will operate on voltage of 220 V AC, 50 Hz.

Accommodation information will be sent to each trainee by e-mail.

At our office you will also receive a complimentary map of Belgrade, which will help you if you want to do some exploration on your own. Belgrade has a lot of small cafes, restaurants, bars and discotheques. In the summertime you can find a lot of outdoor restaurants in the city center, in parks or at the river banks.
If you are interested in arts, there are a lot of opportunities for you as well.

We look forward seeing you this summer in Belgrade!

Should you have any further questions, feel free to contact us by e-mail :

Office address: IAESTE Local Committee Belgrade
Karnegijeva 4/I
11000 Belgrade, Serbia
phone: +381 11 3229077
fax: +381 11 3031676